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Can we talk?

I have a confession to make. Now I know we haven’t been together long; it’s early in our relationship, and we’re still getting to know eachother’s boundaries and innermost desires. I really respect you, and I don’t want to lead you on, so I’ve just gotta (wo)man up and be real witchu. *deep breath* So here goes:

I’ve … cheated.

Wait! Don’t walk away mad – we can work this out! It was a purely physical thing, baby. I can explain!


So back on Ever’s rez day, I thought it would be interesting to put a few parameters on my 2nd Second Life. I know there are brave souls who roll alts with the intention of never spending a dime on them, and I’m awed by their commitment to scouring the grid for freebies. Others opt to trick out their alts in style, creating what we’d call “twinks” in MMO speak: low level characters with the best armor and weapons that money can buy and/or skilled artisans can craft. I have respect for both of those approaches, but I wanted something in-between: a low enough balance that I needed to spend my Linden dollars wisely, but enough to allow me to buy into groups with a low joining fee and also source some inexpensive goods that are not so common on the freebie scene.

After poking around on the Second Life website and finding that the very lowest amount a member can spend when purchasing Lindens is $2.50 USD, I decided to pick that number – L$617 at the current exchange rate – as my starting balance. Since I had Lindens on my main account, I figured I’d just transfer them over rather than purchasing them directly. So I logged into my main, made the transfer quickly, and was about to log out when I gazed at my inventory panel: that unassuming virtual closet where thousands upon thousands of virtual wares lay lovingly nestled in folders and boxes, just urging me to take them out for a last go-round. I started thinking of unused gachas and anything I may have purchased as transferable, and I had just rezzed a box to start gleefully stuffing things into when I stopped short.

Wait, I said to myself. If I fill up Ever’s closet with pretties and sundries, I’ll end up in a skybox somewhere organizing my inventory for hours like I’ve always done, and I’ll miss out on all the seeing, doing, and exploring that I’ve been longing for. So pack up and shack up, lady. We’re doin’ this thang commando-style!

An aside: for the longest time, I thought that “going commando” simply meant that you were taking an organized, military precision-style approach to a task. A friend finally informed me that I had, in fact, been telling people for years that I like to approach a myriad of projects and life events without any panties on. Which may or may not be true in any case, but I digress. ;)

However, there’s one sticking point in my Second Life style that I’m finicky and persnickety about to the point of obsession, and that’s my avie’s shape. Truly the only thing that I ever managed to create with any finesse in SL, I think a good shape is like marble to a sculptor or clay to a potter. It can change the look of a skin significantly, affects the way your clothes fit (especially where mesh is concerned), and is ultimately the building block of an avatar’s signature style. I know I won’t be able to afford mesh bits and bobs, let alone an entire mesh body, so having a quality shape is essential – and I happened to have a few unused, self-made shapes in reserve.

Therefore, I decided that since I’d made the shape myself, it was only slightly cheaty. Right? I mean, we’re not getting into third base territory here. There are no “just the tip, just to see how it feels” shenanigans afoot.

And so that’s the story of how Ever got her custom shape. Whew! Glad that’s off my chest. And honestly, how can you stay mad at these L$0 pouty lips and freebie “come hither” eyes?

Ever Afterr
Presenting, Miss EverAfterr Resident

I had intended to include more photos with style credits and MP links, but this post is already a mile long and Mama always said to leave ’em wanting more. So all the deets will be coming up next, promise. Stay tuned! ♥


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